The Original Pencil Samurai
My name is Chris Hahn and I’m a living and breathing cacophony! I am a freelance graphic designer, physical education teacher, and volleyball coach here in Fargo ND. I’ve been involved in the world of graphic design, illustration, coaching, and education for the past 20 years. 
I have experience in pre-press construction, large format printing, high level volleyball systems, and ‘herding cats’ (as physical education is sometimes referred to) and ultimately marketing programs that I have been blessed to be a part of.
I have knowledge of the design process from a brand standpoint as well, and can incorporate an idea into a clear message that works in print as well as online and at the same time keep 25 students busy in a gym without any lost fingers or toes! Spare time (if there is any) is spent with my amazing family or chasing a 50” muskie on a fly rod!